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Applicant must have served during war-time (combat not required)
Applicant must be over 65 years old

Possible Eligibilities

"The extra monthly income that Veteran Care Services was able to get for me, allows me to pay for my assisted living without using up all my savings."

—Linda S.

"Their focus on benefits for our Veterans really fills a void in our society. They carry the banner that says don't forget the sacrifice these men and women have made for our Country! They provide a clear and concise way for these folks to access the benefits and programs that they earned, need and deserve."

—Ron T.

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Married Veteran

$2,295 Monthly

Singe Veteran

$1,936 Monthly

Widow of a Veteran

$1,244 Monthly

Receive the benefits that are available to Veterans, their spouses, and their widows! 

The state and government offer benefits which you or your loved ones may be entitled to receive. These benefits can compensate you for your service and assist you with your medical needs.

Aid & Attendance Pension is a benefit that is available to Veterans and their spouses and widows to help cover their living expenses and quality of life when facing long-term care. There are a number of different qualifications and many of them do not require you to be poor. Benefits are available to Veterans who have income, substantial savings, and even real estate if they require aid from another person for their personal functions, such as bathing, feeding, dressing, toileting, or other daily living activities. The cost for such care can be excessive, and there are benefits available which can help you cover these costs. One of the most common and helpful benefits for veterans is called Aid and Attendance. With the aid and attendance program, you can receive between $1000 and $2000 per month, depending on your specific situation.
The office of Veteran Affairs will review your medical requirements and your entire financial situation. They will review your income and expenses, and all of your assets. If you do have assets or real estate, special planning may be necessary to ensure that your application will be improved. If you submit the application without planning correctly, you will likely wait months before you will be denied, and doing so can potentially eliminate your possibility of getting benefits in the future.

Benefits & The Process

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